How to Get a UL Certification

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    • 1). Fill out an official request and customer assistance form at The request will be routed to the appropriate location for handling. Complete all lines on the form, so UL can direct the customer assistance form to the correct department. Underwriters Laboratories determines the category for a product based on its intended use. UL works with manufacturers to determine what options are available to make an informed evaluation.

    • 2). Submit requested product samples. Do not send samples until they have been officially requested by Underwriters Laboratories. Expect that samples will not be returned. According to, destructive tests are usually involved in thorough test programs. Send only the recommended number of samples. The number of samples required varies depending on the type of product. Keep in touch with your project handler, who will notify you with the number of samples needed.

    • 3). Request an on-site evaluation if equipment is already installed. UL offers field evaluations conducted by experienced UL technical staff members. If the equipment complies with UL's requirements, a specific field evaluation mark will be applied to the equipment. Expect additional costs for on-site evaluations. The cost of the engineer's travel and living expenses will be added to the cost of the evaluation.

    • 4). Request a cost estimate for the UL certification. Once UL reviews your product information to determine the full scope of the required evaluation, it will calculate a cost estimate and a time frame for testing. Submit all forms, samples and information requests promptly for faster evaluations. Provide complete details about the product and its intended use for cost estimations. Communicate with the investigating engineer to make sure all details are explained.

    • 5). Review the detailed report listing noncompliant issues or a document of certification received from UL. According to, if the product does not meet UL's requirements, a detailed report describing the test results or construction features that did not comply will be issued. Communicate with the staff about questionable issues and noncompliance standards.

    • 6). Modify the product to bring it into compliance with UL's requirements. Contact UL to arrange for retesting or re-examination requirements. Provide UL with a description of the modifications made along with samples of the modified product. Ask for an estimate of any additional charges for retesting the product and completing the investigation.


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