Benefits of PMI certification

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Presently in IT industry Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project is the highly reputed organization all over the world. PMP guidelines are designed to measure, experience, education and professional knowledge. The aim of this certification is installing proper project management skills and knowledge in the project leads. Doing PMP from a reputed organization helps to increase a person's market value as his scale. This is beneficial for future career growth and expansion.

The major benefits of PMP certification are as follow
1. Opens Doors for New Clients
It can also be an important factor for a client deciding whether to hire PMP certified over another consultant or freelancer. Now PMP certified professionals hiring has increased a lot in the companies.
2. High market value
Proper certification and job experience are the two factors that increase a person's market value. PMI certification adds value to a person's resume and give him more recognition in his work place. It may lead to an increase of approximately 15%- 30% of a person's base pay.

3. Deal with competitors
PMI certification enables you to beat your competitors and stay alive in high competition.
4. International recognition
PMI certification is globally recognized and well reputed throughout the world. It gives you an opportunity to stay competitively attractive with Global standard.
5. Raise credibility
PMI certification validates a person's skills and knowledge Project Manager with proper established guidelines. Project Manager Professional show higher-level of professionalism and knowledge that boost credibility to their career.
6. Higher pay and benefits

Due the high growth of IT industry the demand for certified PMP has increased 20% based on the latest survey. They can enjoy higher pay and faster promotions.
Keeping in mind all these benefits, be ambitious and go for PMI certification.
PMI Certification and exams are Project Management Professional.

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