What Not To Promote At A Typical Trade Show Stand Convention

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For most businesses, there is no wrong place to promote with a trade show stand. Even venues that don't cater to your particular industry can be a smart choice - after all, you're faced with much less competition. Although the circumstances when a particular business should not promote a trade show booth are rare, they do exist. Learning to recognize when it isn't appropriate to use trade show displays is just as important as recognizing the many places where they are viable and valuable.

Don't #1: Anything Risqué At A Non-Industry Convention

There are many things which may seem tame at an industry convention, but which are much less acceptable when taken into a different context. If your business involves anything which might be offensive to others, it's advisable to promote that business only in places where you're sure to be welcomed. A trade show stand is still likely to be an excellent option; you'll simply want to wait for a specialty convention or event before you set it up. Luckily, today's events are increasingly specialized. Simply immerse yourself in your industry and discover what events are going to be happening that will cater toward your particular merchandise. You're more likely to make sales at a specific event and you'll be sure that you're presenting to an appropriate crowd.

Don't #2: Anything So Industry-Specific That It Cannot Be Easily Explained

If your product is highly technical, think twice about presenting it in a non-technical venue. Although trade show displays at your own industry gatherings will be a key asset in your marketing plan, you shouldn't use those same exhibits when you're appealing to the masses. People want to understand what they're seeing; if you're appealing to people who don't already know the technical terms of your industry, you'll at least need a trade show booth that explains everything in the plainest English possible. If you can't provide that, you're probably better off not attending that particular showcase.

Don't #3: Presenting A Trade Show Booth Out Of Obligation

Don't attend a convention simply because you feel that you have to. You should attend every event for a reason. This could be as simple as a desire to get your name out more amongst other leaders in your field. It could certainly be to debut a new product. It might even be to drive sales for an older product that's starting to falter. It might be to interact with your most involved consumer base. Whatever the idea, you should know exactly why you're attending before you do it. If not, you'll still get some success, but you won't have nearly the same return on your investment. It's really easy to plan ahead and it can dramatically increase your benefits.

Don't #4: Don't Miss Out On An Opportunity!

The times when a stand will be beneficial far outnumber the times when it would not be. Unless it's inappropriate or likely to confuse your visitors, it's always better to set up your exhibit. Good staff will go a long way toward engaging anyone who comes by, explaining your product even if it's not something attendees at this convention would normally want to see. With an enthusiastic team and appealing trade show displays, you're set up for success at almost any event.

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