Visit Your Clients Through Technology

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If you've ever dropped by your client's home or office, chances are you've walked away with a sale; or, at least, a request for a quote.
Many business owners are now turning to technology to help them visit even more of their clients on a more frequent basis.
One of the tools used for this purpose is Skype.
Skype is a free communication service, for both you and your customers, and gained initial exposure because of its social networking capabilities.
This type of communication can also be effectively used for business and marketing services, as it offers a low cost form of exposure and widespread communication.
Skype offers many different forums for communication, including audio, video, and text message.
If your computer has a web cam you can easily connect via video so that viewers can see and hear you from the convenience of their location.
It is also possible to conduct conference calls on Skype, including multiple people in the discussion.
When using text messaging, it is possible to interact with multiple consumers and business contacts at once.
This method is very beneficial for purposes of time management, and acts as a quick and easy form of detailed communication.
To make things even more appealing, Skype can be used from a mobile phone.
This means that you don't even have to be at your computer to take advantage of this unique marketing tool.
Answer consumer questions and generate new business at any time with the Skype mobile application.
If your phone has a front-facing camera, you can even video chat! Skype can be used as a great way to drive consumers to your website or Facebook page, as well as providing a great networking tool.
One way you can take advantage of Skype to make your business more personable is to make yourself and your staff accessible to your existing customers from your website.
During business hours, your staff can log on their Skype account which will automatically update your website to let your clients know of your availability.
During off hours, you can simply turn your mobile Skype account on and be accessible to your clients and prospects alike remotely.
Skype makes it easy for you to update your website by providing you with the html code to update your website.
If used properly, Skype can be more than just a low cost alternative to regular phone lines.
It can be an effective social networking tool that can help you visit your clients in their homes and offices.

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