Pylon Signs- A Maximum Exposure Sign

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Pylon signs are large freestanding external structures typically located outside industrial and commercial properties. Most pylon signs are at least 3 metres in height and more frequently 5-10. The construction usually consists of a steel frame with aluminium composite material cladding and often an element of acrylic or polycarbonate, particularly if the sign is illuminated.

Pylon signs have fairly complicated footing structures and always require an engineering certification to ensure the sign will be structurally sound and appropriate for the typical wind loading, measured in the proposed location.

When installing pylon signs, it is also important to remember that a development application needs to be lodged. Prior to lodging the DA it is always a good idea to obtain dial before you dig plans of major assets in the area and conduct a ground scan to ensure that the location proposed is suitable for the installation of the footings.

The other important aspect to consider which is often overlooked is surrounding access. This is incredibly critical for a couple of reasons:

-          The first being the pylons are large and heavy structures which required heavy machinery to lift them into place. This machinery usually has a large footprint and needs plenty of room to move around.

-          The second reason is for the maintenance of the sign. Again these are large structures which may require access equipment in order to get to sections of the sign which house components like transformers, LEDs and other electrical pieces.

Generally people only look at your signage once and for only a few seconds so it is important you create an impact and stand out from your competitors. We will work with you to show you different illumination options and provide some options on the best fixing methods and constructions methods for the building façade or wherever you want your sign to be placed.  

Things to consider when choosing your signage

- Will your sign be undercover or fully exposed to the rain?
- If it is exposed to the rain is it just spray or direct rain?
- Is your sign exposed to the sun, if so for how many
hours? How harsh is the sun in your city?
- Is your signage likely to be a target of graffiti? What type of graffiti?
- Is it the right size for people to view it from where they will be looking at it from, and does the lettering/logo colour have enough contract with the background? 

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