How Yoli is Going to Change the Network Marketing Industry

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With the friends and family campaign blossoming into pre-launch mode the effect of Yoli, Aztec meaning "to live", on the Network Marketing industry is beginning to be felt.
The impact this new company based out of Utah, the Jerusalem of the industry, is being assessed by its competitors.
When word first leaked that a group of five highly successful distributors were going to start a new company many simply shrugged.
Now that the rumor is a reality heads are starting to turn.
All of the founders of the company are strong business men in their own right and specialize in specific areas.
Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Robby Fender, Rick Eisele, Bobby Jones, and Michael Pritchard are distributors founding a company for distributors.
The combined 100 years of business experience is going to be essential in their ability to transform both the beverage and network marketing industry.
Yoli is bringing to market the amazing Blast Cap (tm) technology.
This process of dispensing 100% natural formulations into water that provide alkaplex, resveratrol, GABA, acai, pomegranate, goji, and many more anti-oxidants and vitamins avoids the process commonly used by beverage companies.
The beverage industry is known to use hot fill or pasteurization, massive sugar or sweeteners, caffeine, and preservatives.
Yoli refuses to use any of these harmful ingredients.
Besides all of the amazing attributes of the Yoli Blast Cap, the company has created probably one of the most dynamic compensation plans.
The Yoli hybrid combines a binary with a unilevel and has a breakeven bonus.
Wow! No wonder companies are worried.
We didn't even talk about the lower product price.
A Yoli Blast bottle is only $3.
99 wholesale and caps are only $2.
That sure beats $40 juices.
In the end, what we are about to witness is a classic business story.

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