How To Build A Chaise Lounge For Indoor And Outdoor Use

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A chaise lounge, sometimes spelt as chaise longue, is the French term for a long chair.  If placed indoors, it is normally within the vicinity of the lounge.  Alternatively it can be an outdoor fixture located on the pool deck or as part of a garden chair ensemble.  If you have some time on your hands, learning how to build a chaise lounge is an achievable task.  There is also a great degree of satisfaction when you show off your handiwork to family and friends.

Before leaping ahead, decide whether you need a chaise lounge for indoor or outdoor use.  The outdoor version is able to withstand exposure to weather elements, has a back frame with adjustable angles and wheels at one end of the chair for easier portability.  Review the available designs and make your decision based on complexity of the job, available space and budget.  You can choose to customize the designs but it's advisable to adhere to the fundamentals and only tweak the aesthetics.  Never build on a whim as it's better to have the proper plans or instructions on how to build a chaise lounge in hand.  Allocate sufficient working space and prepare the implements beforehand.  If need be, invest in the correct tools as there is bound to be more home projects in the pipeline.

If selecting wood for the chair frame, ensure the material is sturdy enough to support the weight of your largest family member.  An outdoor chaise lounge will require staining and varnishing to lock out the moisture.  Alternatively, assemble the plastic or metal parts according to the manual.  Invest in suitable padding for chairs placed around the pool.

Follow the plan to build the frame for an indoor chaise lounge.  After securely attaching the base padding, use a staple gun to fasten the matching fabric or upholstery to the frame.  Alternatively, fasten a base fabric to protect the padding and sew a cover to drape over the chair.  This will not be an easy job as you need to accurately measure the dimensions of the completed padded chair, and cut and sew the material for proper fit.  The benefit is the ability to remove the chair cover for laundering, or alternate with covers of different patterns.  If this sounds too adventurous, sand and varnish the completed chair frame minus the base padding.  Sew or purchase some flat cushions and attach laces to the corners of the cushions.  Place the cushions on the chair and securely tie the laces to the frame.

Apart from recreational use, the chaise lounge has also made some appearances in the medical profession.  Patients stretch themselves out and pour out the contents of their minds and hearts as part of therapy.

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