AdWords Advertising - The 3-Step Process To Growing A Huge And Profitable Keyword List

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The success or failure of your AdWords campaign very often depends on the keywords you have chosen.
The keywords are the starting point of your campaign and basically form the foundation of it.
Without the right keywords, your whole campaign collapses.
Here is the 3-step process to growing a huge and profitable keyword list for Adwords: 1.
Brainstorm Your Keywords
First, take out a piece of paper (or use your resident Word program) to brainstorm keywords that are related to your product or your business.
Keep this principle in mind: would the person who is searching for this keyword be interested in buying my product? 2.
Plug Your Keyword List Into A Keyword Tool
Once you have brainstormed a keyword list, plug your keywords into Google's Keyword Suggestion tool.
It will 'spit' out more relevant keywords that you can add to your campaign, significantly growing your keyword numbers! 3.
Target Your Keywords
Once your list is finalized, target your keywords with the matching options including Phrase Match and Exact Match.
Michael Wong has a pretty nifty tool called AdWords Wrapper that will generate these versions of your keywords in a flash.
And there you have it.
Once you have run through these 3 steps, you should have a huge and potentially very profitable keyword list you can run with on Adwords.
The important thing, though, is to assume that a large number of the keywords won't be successful.
The trick is to reduce your cost per click for these keywords or remove them completely, and increase the cost per click prices for your high-performing keywords.

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