Pay Per Click: Casting Seeds

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A man, half a world away, is searching for a very specific item and isn't having much success.
However, as he uses his favorite search engine he finds links to a similar product that he had never considered.
When he clicks on that advertising link the owner of the website he is transferred to must pay for his arrival.
You see, in the world of Pay Per Click (PPC) an individual web user is the active decision maker in what the advertiser must pay in advertising.
To address this issue another way, an online business adopts an advertising budget for "Pay Per Click" advertising.
This type of marketing allows your ad to be placed on potentially thousands of websites.
While visitors may see your brief ad you only pay when someone actually clicks on the advertisement that directs them to your website.
Unlike mass marketing, PPC is an advertising mechanism that is very precise.
When you pay for an advertisement using PPC it is because it actually brought a potential customer to your website.
The Burden of Proof Once a customer comes to your website through pay per click advertising you either have a significant advantage or you inadvertently send the visitor off to find something new.
As a website owner you have the duty to provide a product or service, but also relevant information on your offerings.
Any good businessman will tell you that the customer has to feel that there is a need for a product or they won't buy.
It's your job to come to grips with their need.
Does your website provide information that describes the benefits as well as a product description? Does your website provide a means of emotional response? Do you provide testimonials that encourage your potential customer to identify emotionally with someone who has actually benefited from your product? Does your website plant a seed for a future purchase? If you answered no to any of these questions you might need to retool a few web pages to encourage your guests to identify with the product on more than one level.
The Process of a Purchase Most online customers will surf to a variety of online shops looking for a product.
Decisions can be made on price points, reputation of retailer as well as other less tangible factors.
When they come to your site you need to find a way to cause them to remember both information and product.
You may not land an immediate sale, but once Pay Per Click brings them to your site, make sure you are doing everything you can to convert a prospect into a customer.

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