How to get Clean Windows

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Another rainstorm has ended, and it's time to throw open the curtains. It's time to take a good inventory of what winter has done to your yard and home. Ask yourself this, have the throes of a wet winter left your windows spotted and dusty? Is there a fine layer of dirt and all sorts of things in the tracks of your windows and in the corners of the sill? It's time to find someone who does window cleaning in Portland and get your windows sparkling to welcome spring.
Now that you have decided to find someone to help with your quest to give your house a gleaming demeanor, how do you find someone you can trust, who will do a good job? It's time for some research. Start off asking around. Ask your friends or neighbors or the manager at a local business who they have come to clean their windows. References like this can go a long way for finding the service that does the best window cleaning in Portland. 
When you first call the window cleaning service, there are some basic questions you need to ask. First, are they insured? They should have both workers comp and liability insurance. Next ask how long they have been doing window cleaning in Portland, how many years of experience they have. This will tell you how efficient they can be when it comes time to clean your windows. If they have experience, do they also have safety training? After all, workplace safety is no accident.
Next find out if they are educated about proper cleaning methods, and different types of glass or window installations. You will also want someone who will do onsite estimates and will stick to their estimates. After a good walkthrough, they should be able to know what equipment they might need, how long it will take to clean your establishment and how large a crew they may need.
Finally, you want them to leave you with the cleanest windows. Window cleaning Portland can be made difficult by the frequent rainstorms, which can leave your windows as well as your frames and sills quite dirty. A window cleaner should be thorough at removing any dust or mud that may have been blown into the corners and edges. These pockets of dirt, pollen and mud, if left alone can become habitats for unwanted pests. They should know how to remove all the water stains the frequent rains cause.
When you find the service to do your window cleaning in Portland, you will be able to greet each new day with joy. A glance out your clear windows will bring a smile to your face, rain or shine. And knowing they can quickly be cleaned again, you can watch the clouds rolling in without trepidation.

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