What Corvette Rims Are Best? Custom Forged Wheels, or Cast?

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In the Chevrolet Corvette, the muscular V-8 sends power to the rear wheels, launching the sports car to three-digit speeds.
With that incredible power, traction problems can arise.
One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is with aftermarket Corvette wheels.
By adding lighter, wider, and stronger rims, not only is grip improved, but so is overall vehicle performance.
The two main types of aftermarket Corvette wheels are forged wheels and cast wheels.
Each offer specific price, strength, and weight properties, but which one gives the best performance? Forged rims and cast rims differ from each other in a number of ways due to their individual manufacturing processes.
Cast rims are made by taking molten aluminum and pouring it into a wheel mold, where it is allowed to cool and harden.
The unfinished rim is then taken to a CNC milling machine where the finished design is cut out.
Forged wheels begin as a block of high-strength T6-6061 aluminum alloy.
The block is then inserted into a forging press where incredible amounts of pressure compact the metal into a very dense shape.
The billet is then taken to a CNC milling machine to cut out the final wheel design and finish the rim.
Cast Corvette wheels are more inexpensive than forged corvette wheels due to the quicker manufacturing process.
However, the casting results in a weaker rim that oftentimes has microscopic cracks and air bubbles that can cause corrosion and cracking.
Forged Corvette wheels are both stronger and lighter because of the forging process.
The dense makeup allows for less metal to be used, resulting in a lighter and stronger rim.
One of the most popular Corvette wheels is concave forged wheels.
Concave forged wheels are made of three different pieces and feature a unique rim face not found on other rims.
The face is three-dimensional and designed to show depth.
The spokes start at the hub, towards the wheel center, and then protrude outwards towards the edge of the rim, creating the appearance of depth.
Concave forged wheels are a popular choice for aftermarket Corvette wheels because they further enhance the muscular styling of the car and provide better traction at the rear axle.
Concave forged wheels also provide a number of other advantages.
With concave forged wheels, owners have the ability to create custom offsets and widths for the perfect fitment.
In addition, concave forged wheels can be produced in an array of colors and finishes, and are one of the few Corvette wheels that can be made to accommodate aftermarket brakes.

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