Trace Memories DS Hints

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    • "Trace Memory" for the Nintendo DS puts you in the role of Ashley Robins, a 13-year-old girl investigating the disappearance of her parents. You play the game using the touch screen on the DS to search areas for clues, interview witnesses and solve puzzles. If you get stuck at any portion of the game, knowing how to manipulate all the features of your Nintendo DS will keep you on the right track.


    • Both the store room in Chapter Four and the research lab in Chapter Five are covered in dust, making it impossible to locate any clues until the dust has been cleared. Instead of trying to rub the dust away using your stylus, blow on the microphone located adjacent to the bottom screen on your Nintendo DS. The console will register your breath and the dust inside the rooms will be blown away, giving you a better view of the area.

    The Stamp Puzzle

    • In Franny's room during Chapter Three, Alex will come across a sketchpad and a collection of stamps. The goal of this puzzle is to press the stamps onto the sketchpad, though you cannot do so with the stylus. When you see the stamp on the top DS screen, close your DS and then reopen it. The stamp will be transferred onto the paper. Repeat the closing of the DS again for the second stamp and to complete the puzzle.


    • At the end of every chapter in the game, Alex will be quizzed on the events she just experienced. In order to proceed in the game, you need to answer every question correctly. The questions will always have to do with a clue that was found or a person that Alex spoke with. To keep yourself from getting stumped on the questions, write down the name of any characters you come across during the chapter and a one-sentence summary of their role. Also, anytime Alex adds an item to her inventory, keep a mental note as it may be brought up in the quiz.

    Puzzle Layout

    • All the puzzles in "Trace Memory" follow the same structure. Alex will come across a plaque, picture or note outlining the puzzle solution, and then she will come across the puzzle. For example, in the gold mine in Chapter One Alex scrapes rust off a gold plate which reveals a company logo. This logo is the solution to accessing the gate into the woods directly after the mine. If you get stuck at a puzzle, retrace your steps to the last landmark and you will find the puzzle solution.


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