Learn the Risks of Automotive Fluids

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Are you a die-hard do-it yourselfer or are you one who does it only when you absolutely have to? Either way, it is important to make sure you handle all automotive fluids with the proper care and respect they deserve. Many are caustic and can cause you great bodily harm if used improperly. The next few paragraphs will help you learn the risks and how to avoid the dangers.

First, it is important to note that each year many people are seriously hurt or even killed by the improper handling of the various automotive fluids. After all, transmission fluid is just oil right? It can't do any harm. Well, that's where you are very, very wrong. In actuality transmission fluid is highly flammable and can burst into flames quickly when it reaches the right temperature. The same is true of engine oil. It is very important to use care when handling these things, especially in areas of high heat.

Engine coolant, also well known as anti-freeze, it a highly toxic liquid. It is toxic to humans, animals and plant life. If you spill it on the ground, it is very important that you do your best to clean it up thoroughly. If your dog happens to lick that spot, they will really like the taste. However within a few days or even a few months your pet will develop very serious health problems that are related to the consumption of anti-freeze. Additionally a human drinking it is also just as lethal.

Getting anti freeze in your eyes can cause blindness when it is cold. You need to thoroughly rinse your eyes and contact the poison control center. They will give you instructions on what to do while waiting for emergency personnel. Additionally opening a hot radiator and causing the boiling liquid to spew from the radiator will cause severe scalding burns to any area that it touches. While occasionally this can happen accidentally, it is usually the lack of understanding and know-how that cause this type of injury.

Any type of battery has the potential to explode when put under the right circumstances. Charging your battery with a battery charger but putting the clips on the opposite posts is very likely to lead to an explosion. If you are nearby when it happens it is likely to cause you very serious burns. This type of burn is very different from the scalding burn that we discussed a few moments ago. This is a chemical burn and will continue to burn deeper and deeper into your skin until the chemicals are removed.

Finally, gasoline can cause intense issues as well. From the fumes all the way to the liquid form, you can receive intense burns, inhalation injuries and internal burns should you consume it. First, if you have accidentally swallowed gasoline you should immediately drink milk to counteract the burn. This won't stop all of it but it will definitely slow it down. In the meantime someone needs to be on the phone with poison control and an ambulance, because you will need to go to the hospital likely.

If gasoline fumes are ignited they will create a very short lived fire ball. However that fireball has the potential to ignite other things as well. It can also cause serious burns to anyone in the area. It is best to pay close attention when handling any kind of automotive fluids so you do not get into these situations.

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