How to Follow-Up Without Making Those Uncomfortable Telephone Calls

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The new Seminar year is underway.
If you are serious about growing your unit, then you are serious about recruiting and sharing your business with other women (or men).
In order to make this business attractive you need to show folks how easy and efficient running a Mary Kay business can be.
I am going to pass on some great tips today! Do you have a fistful of names that you have collected from expos, bridal shows or country fairs? Of course you do...
How do you really feel about picking up the telephone and offering your services to someone you might not have ever spoken with? I am going to show you some tried and true methods to follow up with these names, without ever picking up the phone.
These two suggestions could change your life and your business!!! This can transform your business in no time with very little cost or effort.
Start a monthly ezine or newsletter for all the people on your list.
Be sure to add e-mail address to all the sign up forms you put out in the market place.
I can show you how to get a very inexpensive newsletter sent to you that you can pass along to your list of customers and prospects.
Create a survey to solicit information from your prospects about their skin care issues.
Ask for your customer and prospects opinion.
This demonstrates that you care about what matters to them.
You are building relationships! You will be seen as a professional.
You will keep in contact on a continual basis with your prospects and show those who may be interested just how easy it is to grow a successful Mary Kay business.
Watch for next week's article on Filling the Marketing Funnel.
Tip: Always remember "if it's to be, it is up to me" If there is a change to be made in your life or in your business you are in complete charge of those changes.
I am here to help YOU reach unlimited success.

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