How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Toyota Tacoma

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    • 1). Relieve the fuel system pressure by first placing a container under the fuel filter. Slowly loosen a joint with the correct size wrench and a backup wrench, if necessary. Let the fuel from the fuel line slowly empty into the container. Once it all runs out, you can fully disconnect the joint.

    • 2). Disconnect the negative battery cable. Locate the fuel filter in the engine compartment at the inlet line to the fuel rail. Remove the filter inlet and outlet lines and plug them to prevent any remaining fuel from leaking out, or dirt from entering the system.

    • 3). Take out the fuel filter and remove it from the bracket. Place the new fuel filter in the bracket. Install the filter in the vehicle and tighten the bolts to 14 ft-lbs. Install new gaskets and tighten the union bolts to 22 ft-lbs.

    • 4). Reconnect the negative battery cable. Start the engine of your Toyota Tacoma and check for leaks, which you'll want to repair immediately.


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