Coaches & Consultants - Understanding Your Personal Paradigm

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Branding becomes very intricate and interesting when YOU are the brand.
I love and am fascinated by people brands.
People brands are everywhere.
You see them.
Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson and too many others to name.
These are people that have turned themselves into enterprises, models, examples and patterns for others to follow.
If you are the brand of your business and you want to play a bigger game then you must understand your personal paradigm.
The word paradigm comes from the Greek root paradigm, which means "model or pattern.
" Paradigms are thought patterns and models that control how you function.
Paradigms are important because they go beyond the surface of the matter.
They have everything to do with sub-conscious conditioning and your personal belief systems.
Meta-physicians say that paradigms control the results in our lives, in our businesses and that means that your brand is affected too! Paradigms are said to have power over everything-your relationships, your income and your success.
So that means that if you shift your paradigm then you shift your results.
I call it doing the inner work first before trying to change the outer results because once you make the inner adjustments the outer business results follow too.
You cannot get around it.
In order for you to go to new levels -- you must prepare yourself on the inner level by using visualization techniques and creative exercises to change and/or adjust your inner self.
So, if you're wondering why you can't breakthrough to the next level of achievement with YOUR PERSONAL BRAND it's because you're still operating in the same old paradigm.

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