The Truth of How to Get Click Throughs to Your Website Or Affiliate Programs

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The truth of how to get click throughs is not so obvious to some but it is imperative that we article marketers understand how to get the click through without wasting a lot time by making these mistakes.
We write great content, hopefully which is really content that people want to read about.
A simple way to write what people want to read about is to first find out for yourself.
Here at EzineArticles for example list the most viewed articles for us.
Your research can start here.
Now when we know what article are the most popular we get our product that we will be writing about.
The title should be keyword phrase rich and the content must reflect what the title promised.
After all the title came up with the visitors search.
Make sure the content is directly mirroring the title because it is after all what the visitor is looking for.
Now where the visitor is lost and clicks away is normally at the resource box.
You know you had a great title and content full of education and benefits.
But you just don't know why the visitor did not click through.
Why? I will tell you why.
But first with a question...
What did you put in your resource box? Your bio? Name? A little background on your accomplishments or life? Well, guess what? They don't care! That's right.
They don't care about you at all.
All the visitor cares about is what you can do for them.
They searched for your content, specifically for a solution for their problem, so why would you tell them about you.
You just blew it.
The only thing that should be in your resource box is more resource for their issue or concern.
You need a call of action in your resource box leading your visitor to more answers or solutions to the very reason they read your article in the first place.
Well now you know how to pick a sought after niche, match your content with your title, and properly fill in your resource box, thus improving your click through rate.
Which means making more affiliate money or visitors to your website.

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